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Truck Camper Bed Kits

We are excited to announce that we are working with CM Truck Beds to bring to market a new line of truck camper bed systems! In short, our goal is to make owning a truck camper bed for your truck easily accessible, affordable, and fast. The Truck Camper Bed Kits are highly functional, high quality, and durable. We offer reduced lead times and an affordable price. To achieve these goals, we're working with CM Truck Beds (a highly respected national truck bed manufacture) to develop a Truck Camper Bed Kit that works with their standard Truck Decks.


Taking this approach provides many benefits that include: a well-known and durable line of truck decks to choose from, with standard sizes to fit all different sizes and makes of trucks on the market. CM truck beds also have a well-established nationwide dealer network to aid in the purchase, installation, accessories, and service of your bed. In many cases, if you are purchasing or ordering a new truck, you can order the truck complete with the CM truck bed already installed at delivery.

Our Truck Camper Bed Kits work with a standard CM Truck Deck to provide added features that are important to truck camper owners. Our bed kits will include above-the-deck boxes for added storage, truck camper mounting hangers, and a truck camper in bed stop for your camper to rest against. Our goal is to make these kits work seamlessly with CM truck decks, generic to fit the camper you own now or the one you may own in the future, highly functional, great looking, and affordable!

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CM Truck Beds

CM RD Steel Flat Deck Body
RD Steel Flat Deck Body
AL RD Aluminum Flat Deck Body
AL RD Aluminum Flat Deck Body
CM SK Steel Skirted Body
SK Steel Skirted Body
CM AL SK Aluminum Skirted Body
AL SK Aluminum Skirted Body

CM Truck Beds has a long history of providing quality hardworking truck beds with lots of configurations to meet a truck camper's needs. In addition to their great products, we here at StableCamper have been impressed with their vast network of dealers to help truck camper owners purchase, install, and service their beds all across the US and Canada. 

CM makes four great bed options (RD, ALRD, SK, and ALSK) that we feel will provide great options for truck camper owners. We will focus our efforts to build out Truck Camper Bed Kits to meet these four beds.

To start, we will focus on two different bed sizes:

  • 9'4" X 94" for 60CA cab chassis trucks

  • 8'6" X 94" for DRW 350/3500 trucks

  • 11'6" and 9'4" x 94" 84CA designs coming soon

    For detailed information on CM Truck Beds, please see their website and/or locate a local dealer. Here are some helpful links:

StableCamper Truck Camper Bed Kits

Passenger side box cad view.png
Drivers and Passenger Top Boxes
  • Aluminum or Steel design and construction

  • Lifting handles for easy removal

$3800 per set for 14Ga Steel (Black or White)
$4600 per set for 0.125" Aluminum Raw (powder coat available black or white for additional charge)

Plus Freight

Information Brochure

Installation Instructions

Stake Pocket Mount Standard v8.png
Stake Pocket Hanger Mounts
  • Powder coated steel design

  • Attached directly to stake pockets for easy installation and removal

Set of 4 - $225 plus shipping

Installation Instructions

Camper Back Stop
  • Strong and durable powder coated 3/16" steel design

  • Mount as needed for your specific camper's dimensions

$275 plus shipping

Installation Instructions