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As everyone knows all good stories start off with a few beers and the story of how we got our first camper is no exception.  About twenty years ago, we were talking with one of our neighbors and he had an old Six-Pac truck camper that he was trying to get rid of.  We did a little negotiating and ended up trading three cases of Coors Light for the camper.  (We won’t talk about this guy’s taste in beer. :)  We took that camper apart, fixed it up and took it on a two week trip to Yellowstone and that experience transformed our family forever.  We have been truck camper people for a couple of decades now, with our Arctic Fox 992 being our fourth camper.  We have traveled all around the country in our truck camper and absolutely love it.   

You can't spend all of that time in a truck camper and not have any ideas or thoughts of how to make the truck camping experience better. At one point, all of those ideas started taking shape into products and Stablecamper was born. At Stablecamper, we are truck camper people making truck camper stabilization products and accessories. Our goal is to create products for our fellow truck campers that are the best quality, convenient and enhance the camper experience.

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