Got that

camper sway?


keeps rockin? 

Worried about Jack Joint and

Frame Stress?


 The Stablecamper attaches at the tie down and the front support jacks.  It provides support and resists the effects of lateral and longitudinal motion when the camper is off of the truck. 

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The Stablecamper system is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel.  The aluminum tubes are powdercoated and the other aluminum parts are anodized.  All of the hardware and the threaded rods are stainless steel.  The truck bed side support tubes come in a few different sizes to accommodate an 8' truck bed, as well as an 6' truck bed. Product options can be selected during online order placement.  The system is designed to work on level or uneven ground as the telescopic portion of the jack is free to be at any height.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

"After seeing the prototype of the Stablecamper system mounted on the camper, I had to know where to get one. After a brief introduction I spent the next hour convincing Jared to build me a set. In the process I learned a lot about the design idea and why they decided to design and build this great product. After installing my own in less than an hour I was convinced that they had built the perfect Stablecamper System.  No more clumsy saw horses or blocks, set up time is less than five minutes and you need no tools.  If you own a camper you need this great system and the comfort of knowing your camper is STABLE."



 The shipment arrived at  8:oo PM so I put it in the garage until this morning. took about 30 minutes to unpackage the parts, and 10 minutes or so to grease up the rod ends. Awesome, awesome awesome! very nice job of packaging and Excellent work on design and parts manufacture. Fit and finish were as good as they come. Having worked aviation for near 40 years in maintenance, Flight Test, and testing, troubleshooting, assembly and repair of Production aircraft, I believe the term "Aircraft Quality" is applicable. Was able to hang the side rails, but am waiting for some Proflex to arrive in the mail to complete the front rods and storage hangers. Needless to say, I couldn't be more pleased. Please keep up the good work, and I am looking forward to future products as you bring new designs to the market. Thanks for a job well done.


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